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Product Review: Dropil's Automated Trading Bot

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At Crypto Currency Blog we aim to be your filter in the world of crypto and so we will be testing all the various systems, training courses, trading bots, books, exchanges and more each week.

We will be doing in depth reviews with real results to help you the reader navigate the uncharted new world of crypto. We start off our review with a potentially very exciting new company and product called:

Dex by Dropil

In short, Dropil is an autonomous crypto investing platform.

We came accross Dropil through one of the training courses that we've been reviewing and the project immediately peaked our interest. The company is based in California, is privately funded and looks to have a strong team behind it. So far we've been extremely impressed with the functionality of the dashboard, the excellent support staff and the active community on Telegram. They also have a very detailed whitepaper that is worth diving into. (Click here)

How Dex Works

How it works is you buy their crypto currency, called Drops, on an exchange using either Etherium or Bitcoin. You then send your Drops to their Dex Wallet. Here you will find their user-friendly dashboard, where you are faced with the few investment choices.

You first have to decide how much of your Drops to place in Dex. We invested all of our funds in, guns blazing and all :) by clicking on the Add to Dex button. 

dex autonomous trading platform guide

Next you have to decide your investment risk level.

We of course went for the Aggressive setting as our beforementioned bravado prevailed. There is also a Safe Mode option and you are allowed to change your level at any point.

Your Drops are then used by Dex to do Autonomous Trading with "over 90% of trading is done among the following currencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Z-Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Neo, and Dash."

Every 15 Days you get to either withdraw your funds (drops) plus your profit or reinvest it for another 15 days. You can close and withdraw your invested funds before the 15 days are up, but then you lose your profit. You can also set it to automatically invest the funds for you.

Growth Opportunity?

What got our testing team excited is firstly the effect that compounding interest will have over time. On average Dex has giving between 4% and 7% on Aggressive mode every 15 days, which then gets reinvested in the next cycle.

The other growth potential lies in the current value of the Drops. On the day this article was written, the value stood at $0.007114 USD (0.00000076 BTC) for one drop. This means that it would cost 1 Bitcoin for 1,4 Million Drops.

This is three months after the ICO where the price was $0.005. If the crypto market increases to $ 1 Trillion by the end of 2019, then it is not to far off to believe that this coin's value could grow with it and might even reach $0.5 in the future. That does of course depend on if the company can keep delivering and if the community stays supportive. 

Why it could become popular

There are millions of people that are entering the crypto space that don't have the techincal skills (See Recommended Training Courses) or know how (Or How to Guides) to figure out the complicated steps it takes to own, trade or mine crypto. This form of automic investment would therefor be an attractive option for people who prefer to set it and forget it.

An automated trading investment fund like Dropil might be extremely popular in years to come as more people want to take part in the space without having to look at their screens 24/7. They are also working on a retirement fund that will be launched before the end of the year.

Our Results

We've invested a bag (what crypto traders call an amount invested) that we feel is worth the risk/reward. Investing in Crypto Currency is a high risk, high reward endeavor and one should never invest money you can't afford to lose.

We will be reporting on our profits going forward and reviewing our gains in the weeks to come.

Currently the only way to buy Drops is through Tidex Exchange. The team says that more exchanges will be taking on Drops soon which will mean a large spike in the price as it becomes more available. 

Click here if you are interest in investing in Dropil.

Full disclosure: If you register through the link above and deposit a minium of $50 worth of drops then we both get $5 each.

dropil automated crypto trading bot south africa 

Dex Intro Video and Live Bot Trading Video:

Here is more about Dropil in their own words:

"Dex is our intelligent trading system that will invest your Drops according to smart trading strategies. It is designed to make trades based on deep learning dynamic algorithms developed in-house to net you the best possible profit.

Reliable in falling and rising markets

Our team has perfected Dex's deep learning algorithm over the last year to automatically scale and swap strategy according to the live trading market on any exchange for any cryptocurrency. Dex System is constantly calculating and automatically updating itself based on new trading data.


Dex has a number of safety nets in place to ensure it smartly locks in optimum profit while minimizing risk. A single bot, trading a single currency, would never be able to guarantee profitability. Due to substantial diversification across platforms, Dex System is able to consistently profit despite market sentiment or movements.

Investment Protection

Dex System pools the investments together based on your risk. Even in the most volatile markets, your investments are protected."

All of the above is of course not investment advice.

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